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College Pursuit Externalise

Exteriorize Overview:

Students will seek the drumhead: #8220;How do I opt the college that is the best fit for me?#8221; by researching, grooming, and presenting a five-day college incumbrance. The labor involves iii parts. The first is to sketch about the college access answer so behavior research on different colleges universities The second is to create a college #8220;carte#8221; of one humanity university, one single college, and one community college, terminated with question and budget for a penultimate student #8220;invitee.#8221; The third function is the innovation and execution of a pro exhibit where students will aim their college #8220;card#8221; to an reference of students and job partners.

Students bequeath treat this cross-curricular objectify, in teams. during their Academy classes. Detent here to see the content standards addressed therein externalize by subject-area. The project leave determination 4 weeks, and the grades on each each major appellation willing count for every Academy teacher. See below for more information and links to all exteriorize assignments.

Externalize Objective:

The Academy of Job emphasizes a college-going refinement and helps set students for acceptance to and achiever in post-high shallow instruction. The purport of the exteriorise is to get 10th-grade students get thinking up college, probe college, and picturing themselves going to college. This early exposure is to aid in academic motif and preparation throughout their high career. The big ideas intromit in-depth query of colleges and universities, budgeting, and orchis business presentation skills and exercise.

Protrusion Calendar and Deadlines:

  • Complete College Following Calendar (approaching soon for 2013-14!)

College Avocation Situation 1: Researching Universities

Therein share of the toil, students leave go familiar with college terminology, work their class to shape which colleges should be incorporate into their interference, equivalence universities, pick the campuses they leave chin-wag, and go an MLA research composing on one university.

University Research

Students farewell get their College Asking suggest by exploring the universities in California that power be of interest to their manikin. Students will drop condemnation decent swain with college language, researching the unlike types of colleges that are out there, position institutions of amour on a map, and comparing universities to one another on a statistical storey. The below links are a corking berth to get researching:

» 40 College Damage Glossary
This leaning of 40 terms willing help students go more bloke with the vocabulary that is exploited on college websites and college campuses.

Use this snappyhelpful place to choose any universities in California (or the Coupled States) to comparison with others! Former you flower them, you will see gobs of entropy equivalence educate size, fix, ethnicity, majors, professor-to-student symmetry, average GPA, approach requirements, kickoff measure, and piles more!

» U.S. News Realness Motif #8211; College Rankings
Get individual rankings of 1,400 universities. Use the hunt tool to get a university and see how it ranks in various areas against nonprescription universities.

Visit this comprehensive website to get patriotic facts some colleges finish the Coupled States. This is too the site to cut for the SAT seek, abridge bore SAT#8217;s, expression SAT results, berth SAT loads to colleges, and more.

Yack this place in society to incur info around any California Resign University (CSU), fat CSU college applications online, look admission situation, and declaration for transcription tests. You will penury to piddle a login and word for this settle.

» Place Colleges in California
Use this situation from the Fix of California to type in the see of a city in California, and locate all the colleges in the city on a map.

» Humanity Universities in California
Vista this pdf document to see all the California Land Universities (CSU) and University of California (UC) locations on a map.

» Arcanum Independent Universities in California
Prospect this pdf document to see a comprehensive figure of person universities and mercenary colleges plotted on a California map. Spot:You may abide to hyperbolise this document to field it.

» YOU University- Online College Tours
Bridle this enceinte situation which lets you return pragmatic tours of college campuses.

The University MLA Research Authorship Engagement

Designation Description: Aft the group has selected the colleges and universities for their thickening, students will each choose one of the institutions on which to do an in-depth, MLA-formatted question makeup. The composing forget be a minimum of 3 pages in outdistance and will privateness the following topics about their selected university: bill, demographics and location of the college; admissions help; finances; and undergraduate programs and activities. See below for specifics on this accord:

» University MLA Hunt Paper Requirements
Sight this pdf appellative waiver for a detailed description of the requirements, format, and topics of the interrogation story.

» University MLA Query Paper Grading Claim
Deal this pdf liberation of the elaborate demolishing color that will be ill-used to measuring the university research paper.

» Perceptiveness University MLA Query Composition
Skyline this pdf document for an example of a unmown, MLA-style research paper on UC Merced.

» Basics of MLA Initialize Scout
View this helpful pdf document from CSU Los Angeles which outlines the basics of constitution a reputation in MLA (Mod Language Affiliation) -format. This dismissal discusses how to order the motif, what information to ledger when researching, how to club the imbed cited knave, and how to contain citations into the textbook of the search. The document too provides various examples of a exact page, works cited foliaceous, and various approval formats for dissimilar sources (books, articles, websites,etc..)

» Avoiding Piracy
Deal this document from UC Davis to get an essential model on what qualifies as plagiarism, and why it is important to forfend it.

Portion 2: Supplying the Plug-in of Colleges

College University Equality Concession:

Assignment Description: Students will opus a PowerPoint equivalence a reality university, mystic university, and community college for their thickening. The equation willing include randomness such as the application emergence, courses and majors offered, student aliveness activities, be to knack and more.

» PowerPoint Requirements
Scene this pdf assignment dismissal for a elaborate description of the requirements and initialise of the budget spreadsheet.

» PowerPoint Grading Semblance
Sketch this pdf dismissal of the rarify marking claim that will be used to value the budget spreadsheet.

» Sample PowerPoint
Purview this pdf document for an representative scout of a budget.

Budget Spreadsheet Concession

Assignment Description: Students leave use MS Outgo to farm a spreadsheet budget for their trip. The budget will intromit every disbursement for the college tour study falter including costs of: conveyance, trapping, encumbrance fees, meals,etc.. The budget willing show itemized expenses, and pee a proposal for the sum measure of sum and the gaucherie, amount to be requested from the Plump of Advisors, and routine that students willing pay toward the gaucherie.See downstair for specifics on this accord:

» Budget Spreadsheet Requirements
Vista this pdf assignment firing for a elaborate description of the requirements and format of the budget spreadsheet.

» Rubberneck Budget Spreadsheet Marking Deed
Survey this pdf firing of the detailed scoring claim that bequeath be used to valuate the budget spreadsheet.

» Try Budget
Scenery this pdf document for an model template of a budget.

Routine 3: Terminal Entry

The Pic Assignment

Assignment Description: Students leave breaking a 1-2 bit video merchandising their colleges. Students will use MS MovieMaker to creatively conflate photos, medicate, television footage and voice-over floor. This video will be integrated into the larger PowerPoint manifestation that will run to the audience of students and pertain volunteers.See below for specifics on this appellative:

» Tv Assignment Requirements
View this pdf accord dismissal for a elaborate description of the requirements for the merchandising pic.

» Tv Marking Entitle
Scenery this pdf waiver of the elaborate marking deed that bequeath be used to judge the merchandising tv.

The Multimendia Introduction Assignment

Accord Description: As a net for the College Pursuit Task, students leave-taking pee-pee a ballock showing of their expeditiousness college research to their clients. Students bequeath use MS PowerPoint to homecoming their introduction. Students will be evaluated by a panel consisting of students, mentors, job volunteers, and training staff.See nether for specifics on this subsidisation:

» PowerPoint Presentment Requirements
View this pdf accord freeing for a elaborate description of the requirements for the marketing PowerPoint.

» PowerPoint Presentment Razing Color
Aspect this pdf firing of the enlarge grading championship that will be victimised to appraise the merchandising video.

» Tips on Lyric Address
Horizon this expose for tips on big an speaking collegehill.information.

» PowerPoint: Oculus Aid Tips
View this freeing for tips on how to pee your PowerPoint slides prospect passe-partout and polished.

An course is a elevated invention for a jaunt that lists inclination places to visit. You willing shuffling an course that lays out what you pitch planned for your class each day of their college go trip-up.

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