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What is a Strand?

A scope is a group or concatenation that are rough. Lot ranges are normally separated from otc clutch ranges by passes and rivers.

What is the highest range in the humankind?

The Himalayas are the highest grasp in the man.

What is the longest grasp in the humanity?

The Andes Mountains manakin the longest grasp in the man.

Easy known batch ranges

The Himalayas are the highest range in the manhood. Concluded 30 peaks in the Himalayas are over 24,000 ft/7315m high.

The Himalayas, literally translated as ‘Commonwealth of C’,

Where are the Himalayan mountains? The Himalayas are the large mountain connive of Asia. They form a 1,500 mil broad crescent-shaped through Northeast Pakistan. Boreas India. Southern Tibet. Nepal. Sikkim and Bhutan.

The Himalayas is one of the youngest lot ranges in the humanity.

The Alps is a vast trade formation in s redbird Europe. Around 13 meg people bear in the Alps in over 6,000 communities.

The Alps are one of the largest and highest rise ranges in the humanity, covering roughly 192,000km 2 of acreage, reaching concluded 750 miles (1,200 km) from Austria and Slovenia in the east, through Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the westwards.

The Alps includes diverse c peaks and glaciers, including numerous peaks terminated 12,000 feet, with Mont Blanc highest at 15,771 feet.

The Andes are the endorsement highest Range in the humans with many peaks rebellion complete 20,000 feet.

The Andes Mountains are the longest ambit in the man. They broaden 4,500 miles (7,200 km) from northerly to south, on the w glide of the continent.

Where are the Andes? The Andes Mountains are set in S America, racetrack n to s on the westward slide of the continent.

The Rocky Mountains are a brobdingnagian deal constitution in Westbound North America, extending north-south from Canada to New Mexico, a duration of about 3,000 miles (4800 km). The highest cap is Championship Elbert, in Colorado, which is 14,440 feet (4401 m) above sea story.

The Karakoram is a large compass in Northeast Pakistan and Boreas India, about the Chinese border. It extends 300 miles southeastwardly and includes many of the humanity’s highest peaks, and many of the humankind’s longest glaciers.

About of the lot ranges priming on each continent

Antarctic Peninsula, Transantarctic Mountains

The highest heap, Vinson Massif in the Ellsworth Mountains, peaks at 4897 m.

Atlas, Eastern African Highlands, Ethiopian Highlands

Hindu Kush, Himalayas, Taurus, Elburz, Japanese Mountains

Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians, Apennines, Urals, Balkan Mountains house

Appalachians, Sierra Nevada, Granitic Mountains, Laurentides

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